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Whoopee: Free Samples to Your Doorstep

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Whoopee is delivering Free Diapers Samples to your little ones

To request free samples, kindly provide the information below by sending them to

  • Name :
  • IC No :
  • Address :
  • HP No :
  • Baby Name :
  • Baby’s IC No :
  • current diaper brand :
  • Request Sample size : (you are allowed to mix)

*Please allow 4-5 weeks of delivery*

~Click here for more information~

Products Information

Baby Products at affordable price with 7 Wonderful Features:

  1. Soft & Easy Refastenable Tape (Magic Tape/Velcro Tape)
  2. 100% Breathable Cloth Feel Cover
  3. Fast Diffusion Layer
  4. Drylock Absorbent Core
  5. Stretchable Waistband
  6. Standing side Leak Guards
  7. Super Soft Top Sheet

~Click here for free BabyLove Night Diaper Samples~



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