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Wyeth Nutrition Enercal Plus FREE Trial Samples Giveaway Malaysia Promotion

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Wyeth Enercal Plus

Wyeth Nutrition Enercal Plus FREE Trial Samples Giveaway

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, working individuals are prone to neglect proper diet or regular meals. High reliance on fast foods often results in high consumption of saturated fats, cholesterol, simple sugars and sodium. Those who skip meals are also certain to miss out on vital nutrients for their bodies. This is why Wyeth developed Wyeth Nutrition Enercal Plus as a daily mealtime supplement to ensure a balanced and appropriate intake of necessary nutrients, especially when a meal itself is inadequate.

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About Wyeth Nutrition Enercal Plus

Wyeth Nutrition Enercal Plus is also beneficial to those who are underweight. In such cases, supplementation with ENERCAL Plus can help to improve the nutritional health of these adults. By no means should you skip your regular meals!

The effects of aging have potential to cause nutritional deficits and this can make the elderly susceptible to infectious diseases. The elderly face many obstacles to good dietary habits, from medical conditions (arthritis, heart failure, angina- affects ability to shop/ prepare meals) to dental problems (absent teeth or ill-fitting dentures- loss of appetite). Chronic illnesses and the resultant medication can also affect their metabolic rate, resulting in poor absorption and metabolism of nutrients.

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