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Shokubutsu FREE Samples Giveaway

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Shokubutsu Sakura Whitening

Shokubutsu FREE Shower Foam Samples Giveaway

Shokubutsu, recently introduced the newest variant to its Japan Original range; The Shokubutsu Sakura Whitening Shower Foam. Inspired by the Sakura Flower, also known as the Japanese Cherry Blossom, Shokubutsu aims to bring out the enchanting beauty that has mesmerized many by delivering an extraordinary experience only available in a Sakura blossom season.

Shokubutsu Feel The Nature Roadshow is back in Aeon Big Mid Valley from 23-29th Mar from 10am-9pm. Come & Take a selfie at the booth with promoter in Kimono and redeem samples on the spot.. Also get a chance to win shopping vouchers worth RM50 each!

**Terms and conditions apply, available while stock last**


Based on an original formulation from Japan, the Sakura Whitening just like the other Japan original lines uses 100% botanical cleansing ingredients. The shower foam is enriched with Japanese Sakura Leaf extract which helps whiten skin leaving it fairer with a renewed radiance. Symbolizing “A New Beginning” for the Sakura blossom, the new Shokubutsu Sakura Whitening will give your skin the new beginning it needs for a fairer and radiant look. Shokubutsu Sakura Whitening is faithfully pure and natural making it highly suitable for all skin types.

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