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Dumex Dugro Soy FREE Sample Giveaway!

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Dumex Dugro Soy FREE Sample Giveaway!

Dumex Dugro is giving away FREE new Dugro ® Soy sample! Just complete the form, and you will receive the free sample deliver to your doorstep without a single charge! Terms and conditions apply! Available while stock last.

**Terms and conditions apply**
~Click here for free sample registration~

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About Dugro Soy

Its contains 5 new NUTRI along with DHA, ALA, LA, Calcium, FOS, 14 vitamins and minerals that are important for optimal child growth. Dugro ® Soy -based protein and soy protein-free cow’s milk can be reserved for special feeding following:

  • Allergy to cow’s milk protein
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Feeding during and after diarrhea

Allergy to cow’s milk protein allergy is most common among children. 1 It is a reaction of the immune system hypersensitive to proteins found in cow’s milk. The immune system mistakenly detecting cow’s milk protein as something to be avoided, and trigger allergic reactions. Many children still can not cope with cow’s milk protein allergy, even those allergic to continue until adolescence. Statistics show 1.0 – 17.5% of the children involved are preschool children and 1.0 – 13.5% were children aged 5-16 years.

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