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B Infinite: Collect Points to redeem Starbucks, Chatime, LAZADA vouchers and more!

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Install this app now and start collect points to redeem Starbucks, Chatime, LAZADA vouchers and more! 
~Click here to install B Infinite App now~

Still keeping a physical card to collect points for your purchase? Now you can collect all the points just in your phone! B Infinite APP is a user friendly to help you reduce your point collection cards inside your wallet and get update all point balance and exclusive offers into one app!

**Terms and conditions apply**
~Click here to install B Infinite App now~

B Infinite

On top of swiping your physical card, you can now

  • Collect BPoints simply by scanning your app when you make a purchase at a participating outlet.
  • Redeem your BPoints by selecting featured deals on the app or by using them on the spot, as an alternative to cash, at B Infinite participating outlets.


LINK CARDS: Scan and link your physical BCards (e.g. Journey Card, Thirstea Card) to the B Infinite app, so you can store multiple cards virtually. Now you have the option to collect and redeem BPoints either with your physical cards or straight from the app!

  • CHECK: Check your BPoints balance to see how much cash you can redeem—anytime, anywhere.
  • PROMOTIONS & DEALS: B Infinite users enjoy great deals and promotions from our partner merchants. Browse current promos and get the best deals out of your shopping and dining experiences.
  • FIND MERCHANTS: Browse through our list of 80+ merchants and get details of their products and services. Open the merchant map to view all the B Infinite participating outlets near you, from where you can collect and redeem BPoints.
  • REDEEM: Browse through the redemption catalog to exchange your BPoints for products and services. You can also redeem your BPoints on-the-spot at B Infinite participating outlets.
  • SCAN & COLLECT: To collect points, scan the barcode on your app at the cashier when you make a purchase or redemption at one of the 4,000+ B Infinite participating outlets.

B Infinite is partnering with more than 80 merchants from various industries and businessess
Some of the famous merchants: –

  • 7-Eleven (B Card)
  • agoda
  • CALTEX (Journey Card)
  • Chatime (Thirstea Card)
  • foodpanda
  • Kenny Rogers
  • MOLPay
  • PAPA JOHN’S Pizza
  • Photobook
  • U mobile

~Click here to look for other merchants~

On going B Infinite APP promotion: –

  • Pump petrol with minimum RM30 to earn LAZADA discount voucher
  • Earn 2,000 B Infinite points when complete a survey
  • Birthday 3X BPoints reward when purchase minimum RM50 worth petrol at CALTEX station

~Click here to look for other promotions and more information~

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