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KHIND Little Hand Fan Giveaway + FREE Admission to KHIND GALLERIA

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Stand a chance to get FREE KHIND Little Hand Fan (Each month there will be 5 Lucky Winners)

  • Step 1: Visit Khind Galleria Facebook Page – You must click LIKE on Khind Galleria Page.
  • Step 2: Type “I want to visit Khind Galleria, Sekinchan” and tag 3 of your friends in this comment box.
  • Step3: Share this post on your timeline (Privacy: Public)

***If you never follow the steps, you are not qualified for participation***

Terms and Conditions

  1. The winners will receive Lucky Draw Prize – Khind Little Hand Fan.
  2. The winner will be announce in our Khind Galleria FB Page and will send out the prize to your doorstep.  Announce date on: 07.04.2017 & 07.05.2017.
  3. We will personally message to the winners in Facebook to get their information.
  4. The contest period: 06.03.2017 – 06.05.2017 (2 Months)
  5. Open for all Malaysian.
  6. The organizer has the right and authority to change any rules and regulations.
  7. Any decisions by the organizers are final.

It is FREE Admission + FREE Gift + Mistral Comic Book
kindly make an appointment with us. Call us now

Tel: 03- 3241 1991 or H/P: 019-368 3980 (Tiffinny / Celine)

The biggest fan in KhindSekinchan

Our Mascot – Mistral Boy

MarcoAir 24’ Fan

Electrical Corridor

History Corridor

Production Corridor

You can buy Khind Products at showroom.

Khind Souvenir – Plastic Plug Key

Mistral Boy Comic Book


Mentioning “Khind” would bring back the nostalgic memories of the old folks of Sekinchan, for Sekinchan is the birthplace of Khind – a local brand which has made its way to the international arena. Founded in 1961, Khind has come a long way to weather the storm to where it’s now. From being a family business operating from a shoplotKhind has grown into a public company, having its products exported to more than 60 countries world-wide. 

Besides presenting you the colourful and historic story of Khind, vis-a-vis the Evolution of Fans, Khind Galleria also provides you the golden opportunity to experience the processes involved in the production of plastic injection parts and fans assembly. It’s a not-to-be-missed leisure tourism attraction, packed with quality educational and learning elements – well-suited for families’ get-togethers/outings to broaden their views.

It is FREE Admission + FREE Gift + Mistral Comic Book !!!

Find out more about your visit to Khind Galleria, kindly make an appointment with us. 
Call us now!!! Tel: 03- 3241 1991 or H/P: 019-368 3980 (Tiffinny / Celine)

每当提起迅速火红的渔米之乡适耕庄,相信许多老一辈的居民自然联想起KHIND是从这个原本的无名乡镇小店走向国际平台的世界品牌。机兴工业于1961年创办至今, 一路上走过初创的岁月,也面临了种种的挑战和经济危机,但凭着其不屈不饶的精神,成功地从一家小商店经营的家族企业成长为一家上市公司,非但如此,其产品出口到世界各地的60多个国家。与此同时,也将适耕庄这个乡镇名声传播到世界众多个角落.

为了配合与支持适耕庄旅游业的发展,机兴工业决定设立且开放KHIND GALLERIA予公众人士观光,为社会大众提供一个优质知识与教育性之旅游景点,这绝对是个不容错过的机会,在这里我们除了向您细数KHIND多姿多彩的历史故事以外,更可以让您亲身了解整个塑料注射部件的生产过程以及观看电风扇的组装流程。这些种种可让您全家大小在休闲旅游中一同学习,启发思维以及增广见闻。





快,致电预约!!!  019-3683980 / 03-32411991 (Tiffinny / Celine)

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