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Starbucks Merchandise at Special Promo 星巴克周边商品特别折扣!

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Starbucks Merchandise at Special Promo 星巴克周边商品特别折扣!

Hey guys let’s show off our Malaysian pride with this uniquely Malaysian Starbucks merchandise. Get your Starbucks Mengkuang coasters (4pcs) together with the Starbucks Relief City Tumbler/ mug for the sweet price of RM80. Get yours today cause offer ends 30th September. Terms and conditions apply. While stock last.

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Starbucks, whose name was inspired from a character in the novel Moby-Dick, was first established in 1971 at Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market. The name was chosen by its founders for evoking the romance of the high seas and the seafaring tradition of early coffee traders. In 1981, Howard Schultz enjoyed his first cup of Sumatran coffee at a Starbucks store and was instantly captivated by it. A year later, he joined the company and was given the positions of chairman, president, and CEO. Howard travelled to Italy in 1983 and was charmed by Italian coffee bars and its connection with people. He brought his experiences back to Starbucks and set out to make the company into one that not only celebrated coffee and its traditions, but to connect people together. Since then, Starbucks has grown exponentially and currently has up to 23,000 outlets worldwide, putting a smile on customers’ faces one cup at a time.

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