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McDonald’s Dessert of the Month: Green Tea Mcflurry and Red Bean Mcflurry 红豆,抹茶雪糕!

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Red Bean Flavoured Sundae Cone

A local favourite made into a smooth and creamy dessert. Enjoy a Red Bean flavoured Sundae Cone on its own or mixed with a vanilla flavoured swirl! Have one today!


Green Tea McFlurry

Bringing you back a taste of Japan in a deliciously, cool dessert. Enjoy the smooth taste of aromatic green tea swirled into our signature Green Tea McFlurry.

Red Bean McFlurry

Usher in the New Year with the NEW Red Bean McFlurry. It’s the perfect balance of tradition, taste, and texture.


Red Bean Pie

The Red Bean Pie combines a golden, crispy crust with a taste that’s been loved throughout time. Treat you and your family to one today!

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