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SOCAR from as low as RM7/hour 现在只需每小时RM7,就可以租一辆轿车啦~

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SOCAR from as low as RM7/hour 现在只需每小时RM7,就可以租一辆轿车啦~

Enjoy SO much more savings until 1st July 2018 and discover hidden gems in KL you’ve always wanted to. Find your new favourite coffee place or go on a hiking trip you’ve been putting off for months! Unlock more adventures with a SOCAR from as low as RM7/hour!

Download this app to find out more details now


SOCAR is a car-sharing platform that allows you to book a car that suits your needs by the hour, day or week all through using the mobile application.

韩国共享汽车SoCar宣布正式进军我国,并设立了100个地点,部署240辆共享轿车。最低价格只要每小时RM8!赶快下载SoCar App一探究竟吧



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